Frequently Asked Questions -- and the Answers

by Bob Bly

Q: I am a copywriter. How do I get a listing on this site?

A: It's not easy. I typically list only those experienced copywriters I know personally or whose work and track record I am familiar with.

Q: Can I apply to get listed as a freelance copywriter on this site?

A: You can. But I don't encourage it. You can send me a brief e-mail outlining your experience and clients. I do not reply to these requests. If you are an experienced copywriter with a good track record of writing winning promotions, there's a chance I might add you, but no guarantee.

Q: I'm a newbie copywriter just starting out. Can I get listed?

A: No. The best way for people to reach you through my directory is for you to become an active copywriter on, listed in my Cheap Copywriters category. I won't list you by name until you're experienced and successful.

Q: You're a copywriter, Bob. Why would you create and promote an online listing of your direct competitors?

A: My capacity is limited and I can handle only a small fraction of the freelance copywriting projects I am offered. This site enables me to efficiently refer marketers to other qualified freelance copywriters rather than turn them down flat or leave them in the hands of untrained amateurs.

Q: I am looking for a copywriter. Which of the copywriters on the list would you recommend to me most?

A: I can't give you a personalized recommendation, because that would require me to understand your project needs, which in turn would take time I don't have. If I were to make such personalized recommendations, I'd have to charge you, and I prefer to keep this site free.

Q: So how do I select the right copywriter for me?

A: Spend some time clicking on the people listed in the "Freelance Copywriters" section. I know and trust everyone on this short list. Pick the one whose style, pricing, and experience are the best fit for your project.

Q: Do you guarantee my satisfaction when hiring any of the copywriters listed on the Freelance Copywriters Directory Online?

A: Yes, but only with one -- me (Bob Bly). Since this is a free referral site from which I take no commission or fee, you and the copywriter you select must negotiate your own deal, and after that, you are on your own. However, if you have a problem or are dissatisfied, you can let me know about it at A copywriter with repeat complaints may be removed from the directory.

Q: You have a Cheap Copywriters section, but you say "not recommended." Why?

A: You get what you pay for, and no where is that truer than in copywriting today. If the copywriter charging $50 for your project was anywhere as good as the ones charging $5,000, he'd quickly wise up and charge $5,000 -- or at least $500. But not $50.